Maternity Photography West Sussex.

Maternity Photography Session

The Pregnancy Stage of a Woman’s life is one of the fastest growing developmental times. You are growing a baby, yay you! I know it’s not always comfortable because of the cramps, the bloating, the sickness, the swelling… It’s ok – my job as a photographer is to make you look and feel amazing for just about an hour.

When to book.

The best time to schedule your Maternity session is when you are around 28-34 weeks. This allows me to capture your bump at it’s most beautiful while ensuring we don’t leave it too late if your little one arrives early! I get booked up quite far in advance so it is best to book in as soon as possible.

What to expect.

My maternity sessions can take place in the comfort of your own home providing space allows for my setup, at my home studio or an outdoor location. There is a range of different styles for maternity photo shoots and this is something I will discuss with you beforehand some examples include the following:

Fully Clothed 
You can stay fully clothed throughout the session with time for outfit changes if you wish.
Bump Exposed
You can expose bump while remaining covered
You can choose to have some photos taken in just your underwear perfect excuse to go shopping
These poses ensure you are covered where it matters

Whichever style you choose whether it will be just 1 style or all you can be sure that I will create beautiful images and showcase your pregnancy leaving you with timeless images for you to look back on in years to come.

How to prepare for your session.

I recommend you bring clothes that you will feel your best in and before you arrive please do have your makeup and hair ready but of course it is optional please don’t feel you need to do your hair or makeup. For fully clothed sessions I recommend tight clothing and something quite plain in colour you can, of course, bring a selection of outfits, dresses and gowns etc if you wish. Boob Tube tops or something similar is perfect for the bump exposed style images.

Maternity Bump Photo Shoot in West Sussex

Maternity Session

  • Up to 1 hour session
  • Includes the use of different coloured backdrops